Wikimedia contributors propose dropping crypto donations due to environmental concerns

The environmental concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies have led to several organizations halting their partnerships with this sector. The Wikimedia Foundation has become the latest company to express concern over cryptocurrencies’ effects on the environment.

The Wikimedia Foundation started accepting cryptocurrency donations in20-19. The donations were made through BitPay. However, the nonprofit entity wants to stop using cryptocurrencies to make donations.

Wikimedia Foundation wants to stop crypto donations

After three years of accepting donations in crypto, the company behind Wikipedia is facing pressure from contributors that want to disable the option of accepting donations in cryptocurrencies due to environmental concerns.

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A recent proposal by Molly White has stated that the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by Wikimedia was not in line with the company’s goals towards environmental conservation. According to White, the acceptance of crypto by Wikimedia could damage the company’s reputation.

White noted that having crypto donations indicated that Wikimedia endorsed the crypto industry. White’s proposal was supported by another Wiki user, Gamaliel, who stated, “Long overdue. Accepting cryptocurrency makes a joke out of the WMF’s commitment to environmental sustainability.”

However, not all Wiki contributors agreed with the sentiments. One Wiki user, ATDT, alluded that there was nothing meaningful in whether Wiki accepted crypto donations or not in 2022. The user also added that accepting crypto had the same effects as accepting USD donations.

“Accepting USD signals endorsement of the systems of exploitation of labour and despoliation of the natural environment that underlies global capitalism,” ATDT wrote.

The number of people who support Wikimedia should continue accepting crypto donations is lower than those who seek the disablement of this option. However, the company has noted that a decision will not be based on what the majority wants; rather, it will depend upon the pros and cons presented in the argument.

Mozilla halts crypto donations for similar reasons

The Mozilla Foundation, the company behind the Firefox browser, has also halted crypto donations citing environmental concerns. The company had announced that it would be including Dogecoin among the cryptocurrencies accepted for donations, but this did not sit well with Mozilla’s co-founder, Jamie Zawinski.

Zawinski took to Twitter, saying that Mozilla should not associate itself with “plant-incinerating Ponzi grifters.” He also published a blog post on the negative effects of cryptocurrencies. Zawinski’s tweet triggered many discussions in the crypto space, with the co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, responding to Mozilla’s tweet, saying, “Thank you for succumbing to an ignorant, reactionary internet mob.”

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